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Archiware Pure: Less complexity = data security

Pure is a brand new product from Archiware that makes backups of VMware extremely easy.

The simple setup, automatic backup and verification within the ESXi environment minimize complexity, cost and hardware requirements.

Archiware Pure has a powerful and lean design. Incremental backups are performed using Change-Block-Tracking (CBT) to optimize speed and minimize data transfer. Entire VMs, single VMDKs or simply single files can instantly be recovered from any backup cycle.

  • Simple, 5-minute deployment & setup as a VM appliance

  • No additional hardware or software costs

  • Optimised speed & minimum data transfer using Change-Block-Tracking (CBT)

  • Ensured data integrity via backup verifications

  • Streamlined recovery of single VM, VMDK or single file

  • All-in-one, browser-based user interface

  • Fully-featured, 90-day free trial

  • Cost-effective licensing

Learn about Pure in 5 minutes

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