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JPY Bespoke Business Software.

Off-the-shelf software is all well and good, but to really steal a
march on your competitors you need something... bespoke.

As one of the UK’s most innovative software developers
with more patents per employee than even IBM,
JPY’s team of engineers are perfectly placed to help.


Quentin Cooper

We're easy to work with...


If you don’t speak geek, don’t want to rely on a bedroom programmer and need experienced professionals to translate your business ideas into an actual software solution, then you need JPY.

Every JPY project is client managed, so you will deal with someone that talks your language, and if a software engineer is off sick, your project won’t grind to a halt.

We do all our development in our Surbiton offices , keeping overheads low and we can also provide and manage server hosting for you.

Our specialist areas...

  • Web and desktop database applications

  • Mobile applications

  • Software as a Service

  • Cloud applications and deployment

  • Messaging and networking

  • Speech and digital signal processing

Some of our projects...


  • Back end membership system for Ski Club of Great Britain

  • Web based system for measuring farm carbon footprints for Kingshay

  • Staff web site for British Airways

  • On-line school holiday booking system for Club Europe

  • Medical imaging back-end for Meridian Technique

  • threads Software Service

Our rates...


Software developer                 

Senior software developer      

Principal developer                 


:        £500 per day

:        £600 per day

:        £650 per day        

Case Study


Somerset-based Kingshay Ltd are independent dairy consultants. With JPY's help they provide a suite of web-based tools, allowing farmers to monitor their livestock’s carbon footprint and optimise the management of their dairy herds. Kingshay’s services include a reporting package for both the farmer and the farmer’s suppliers - enabling exactly the right feedstuff to be ordered based upon electronic measurement of herd performance. This results in lower supply costs and reduced carbon footprint.

We also developed, with Kingshay, an on-farm carbon assessment tool  for a leading supermarket. The project was initially developed for dairy herds, but has subsequently been greatly extended to include beef, sheep, pigs, poultry and other farm crops.  Assessors are able to gather data from farms using specially prepared laptops, often where no internet connection is available and then synchronise back later. Our cloud-hosted infrastructure provides a central hub to which desktop and web applications connect, enabling the processes to work seamlessly. The data gathered has allowed farmers to achieve cost and carbon efficiencies covering a multitude of farm practices.

Kingshay's business is now heavily technology driven, in a way that could only be achieved by partnering with technology experts and not being satisfied with what off-the-shelf software products were able to deliver.

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