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JPY Bespoke Travel Software.

JPY create Travel Management Software that just works!

Our software can be adapted to almost any requirements and budget.

A proven track record...


JPY have a long history and depth of experience in developing bespoke travel software and all that entails.

We have developed frameworks to develop our bespoke applications that gives all the advantages of a bespoke solution, plus the benefits of an off-the-shelf solution.

We understand how to develop software for commercial companies. Requirements change, deadlines change. This is all catered for in our project development process. How we work with you to develop your IT system is just as important as the software itself.

All the right processes...


Our relationship with you as a customer is just as important as getting the technical detail right.

We've been developing bespoke software solutions for over 20 years, so we know just how important the people issues are.

Right from the start you will know exactly what is happening and why. Priorities and requirements change. Our development process takes account of this to make sure you get exactly the solution you are looking for.

All the right features...


JPY Travel Software contains all the right features to make your travel business run smoothly.

  • From CRM to admin, invoicing and management reporting.

  • Extensive database to record everything you need to run your whole business and communicate effectively with clients and suppliers from CRM.

  • User friendly and intuitive software enable staff to learn to use True-Compass quickly and accurately. Users can configure their workplace to suit their way of working.

  • Wizards for lengthy, complex tasks mean you don't always have to have a good day.

  • Lots of interfaces to Microsoft Office, accounts (Sage and Intuit) and payment systems (Checkfree, Servbase, Paypal).

  • Reminders and exception reports mean clients needs and important deadlines do not get overlooked.

  • All the right technologies

  • Databases

  • .Net

  • Payment systems

  • Reporting

  • Integration with accounts and other systems

Case Study


For 30 years, Club Europe has specialised in providing tours for schools - music, performing arts and ski trips. These tours involve many students and their teachers, with venues across multiple countries requiring coaches, aircraft and trains - it's a lot to keep track of.

Bringing all of these elements together, from building customer quotations through to allocation of a coach driver could only be handled by a custom-built software solution. Off-the-shelf software was considered, but always left too many gaps in functionality. Gaps that were expensive to fill and at best, a compromise.

By understanding Club Europe's business, JPY was able to build a solution, step by step, as costs allowed, starting with the basics. The software now handles all areas of the business, from adding new venues, through to building a bespoke tour package and generating itineraries. A secure website provides a login for schools, where their bookings can be managed - providing student details and the downloading of documents for the trip. JPY and Club Europe continue to refine and expand the system, as the business grows and evolves.

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