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JPY Content Managed Websites

A Content Managed web site allows you, and others within your organisation,
to maintain and develop your Internet presence in a controlled and consistent manner.

This way you need not be reliant on your web designers
every time you wish to make changes to the content of your site.

Content management is about simplicity, great functionality and value for money.


A website content management system is a website you can control and update yourself.

Suddenly your website is always up-to-date, always evolving and always fresh.

You can thus concentrate on creating the content for the website, and publish it in an easy and intuitive way with an optional approval workflow before the contents go "live".



We have great deal of experience in creating content managed websites using OpenCms, a complete and powerful open source web content management system which provides powerful features especially suited for medium to large enterprise internet or intranet applications.

OpenCms provides a wide range of features like Management of Dynamic Web Site Contents, Dynamic and static content publishing, Versioning, Asset Management, Integrated user management and permission system, Workflow and Task Management Features and many others.

Alkacon OpenCms and the OpenCms logo are registered trademarks of Alkacon Software GmbH in Germany, the USA and other countries.

Case Study


JPY were approached to build an internal 'Ads and Offers' website for British Airways staff, allowing individuals to offer items for sale and browse what others were offering. In addition, third-parties would provide their own special offers to BA's sizable workforce.

In order to keep costs down and not wanting to reinvent the wheel, JPY chose an open source content management system (CMS) to build and manage the website. OpenCMS was our tool of choice, something we've deep experience with. OpenCMS provided a good balance between maintaining complete control over the look and feel of the site, while being able to get prototypes up and running quickly for the customer.

JPY hosted the finished site on their own cloud server infrastructure, and handle the ongoing maintenance of the project, leaving BA to do what they do best.

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