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Purchasing Canto Cumulus


All products include one year tech-support and software updates.

Cumulus X Server Solutions

Price (ex VAT)
Cumulus Workgroup

Cumulus Workgroup includes 5 concurrent user licenses.

It supports all file types and version control (check in/out). Client software for Windows and Mac is included.

Includes the Cumulus Web Client and Cumulus Sites.

License limitations: No more than 25 users may be connected to this Server concurrently.

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Price (ex VAT)
Cumulus Enterprise

This bundle includes 10 concurrent user licenses. It includes all features standard on Cumulus Workgroup and also includes the following add-on modules:

  • Web Client

  • Sites

  • Roles & Extended LDAP

  • Extended Permissions

  • Oracle Connectivity

  • Autocataloging via AXR

  • Usage Statistics & Reporting

  • A second server license is included that may be used for mirroring, load-balancing, development or backup purposes. See End User License Agreement for details and restrictions.

Canto Cumulus Client Licenses


For Cumulus Entry and Workgroup Server Solutions, no more than 25 users may be connected to the server concurrently. There are no restrictions to add additional client licenses to Cumulus Enterprise. Additional Cumulus clients can be purchased as follows:

Price (ex VAT)
Cumulus Client x 50
Cumulus Client x 20
Cumulus Client x 10
Cumulus Client x 5

Canto Cumulus Product Page

Canto Cumulus Product Page


View JPY Terms and Conditions

View JPY Terms and Conditions

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