JPY Software Sales and Distribution.

We excel in distributing network-based products that require considerable support expertise.

We don't believe in reinventing the wheel, so we distribute
leading-edge products via specialist systems integrators and resellers.

Our development capability allows us to maximise the value of these solutions
through customisation or to develop new solutions where there is a need.

If you are a software developer then talk to us about distributing your product in Europe.

We have a large active channel of resellers who know and trust us and we make our product sales through this channel.

If you are a reseller or systems integrator, then talk to us about reselling JPY products
as they offer many opportunities for high-quality resellers to add value.

We have the infrastructure to manage and support third-party product sales.

Our specialist markets...





Application areas...

Digital workflow and messaging

File and print serving

Document exchange

Backup and archive

Have a look at some of the products we are responsible for distributing...

JPY are the authors of Threads and supply tailored data management software solutions to businesses across the globe.

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